According to the latest judgement by the High Court, installing short handlebars, loud silencers, high seats without pillion handlebar and replacement of headlights will all be punishable offences in Kerala.

Bajaj Pulsar Ducati Modified
Loud exhausts can affect the health of commuters 

With the growing popularity of performance bikes, more and more people are modifying their bikes for better performance and looks while it also makes their vehicle stand out of the crowd. However, citizens in Kerala will no more be able to flaunt their modified bikes as the High Court has announced that such modifications will now be illegal.

The Kerala High Court on Tuesday ordered the Motor Vehicles Department and police to prohibit bike modifications that pose a threat to the health and safety of commuters. A petition is also filed against the report by Francis M C who was charged for installing a short handlebar and a loud exhaust on his Royal Enfield.

The judgment said that loud exhausts produce more noise than the limit of 80 decibels prescribed for motorcycles and scooters by the Environment Act, 1986 which is not safe for the health of commuters and can lead to deafening. Aftermarket short handlebars are also marked as unsafe as they spoil the bike’s equilibrium.

Other than this, the Kerala High Court also ordered a ban on high seats without handles for pillion riders as they will not have anything to hold on to in case of an accident. Replacement of the stock glare-free headlights for aftermarket glittering lights will also be illegal.

Bike Modifications To Be Illegal In Kerala

– Kerala High Court has ordered motor vehicles department and police to take action against bike modifications
– Loud silencers will now be illegal as they produce more than 80 decibels of noise which is not good for health
– Short handlebars and high seats without pillion handles are also banned for safety purposes
– Replacement of stock headlights will also be prohibited

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Short handlebars spoil the entire equilibrium of the bike