2012_BMW S1000RR 5

ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) has become one of the key elements to safe biking around the world. Over and over again if we watch accidents on motorcycles, it has all happened due to panic braking on wrong surfaces at the wrong time. ABS helps avoid this and gives far more confidence to the rider while braking hard which makes braking faster as well. BMW was the first to say yes to provide ABS on all its bikes as standard and was the first company to offer standard ABS on its flagship S1000RR as well.

BMW has announced an upgrade to its Race ABS system that now enables and activates ABS while cornering as well. The system is called ABS Pro, the upgrade is being initially offered as a retro-fit option for the HP4. The system is nothing but Bosch Motorcycle Stability Control, which was first introduced with the 2014 KTM 1190 Adventure. The ABS Pro adapts bike’s banking angle and then the system draws on the signals for yaw rate, roll rate and transverse acceleration as provided by the sensor.

As the banking angle increases, the brake pressure gradient is increasingly limited at the start of the brake manoeuvre. The ABS Pro system also prevents the wheels from locking even when the brakes are applied quickly. As a result, this reduces abrupt changes in steering force on shock-braking manoeuvres and stops the motorcycle from rearing-up unintentionally. The BMW ABS Pro takes signals available from the motorcycle’s Dynamic Traction Control and Dynamic Damping Control to determine the lean angle and then modulates brake pressure accordingly.

BMW says that they are highly responsive and provide stability even while taking corners, as one tends to trail brake or brake hard while turning in. The feature is only available in the Rain and Sport riding modes and not in Race and Slick mode, as this system is not recommended on the track and was made for the road itself. The price for this outstanding technology in Germany is €380 aka Rs. 31,000/- only. This is the kind of amount one mostly pays for ABS but in this case you are paying the same amount to upgrade your ABS to a whole new level.

BMW has made one thing very clear just like how KTM did as well. If you cross the limit, go beyond the laws of physics and due to a misjudgment in the corners, you can still witness an accident. The cornering braking support is only when lean angles are safe, corner entry and exit speeds are not above the limit of the chassis and still if the rider brakes, the bike’ ABS cornering support system will come into action and help the rider to ease out of the situation

Yet another great move by top motorcycles companies ensuring safer bikes. This is something as good as airbags in cars if you ask a motorcyclist. Using the front or rear brake in the bends to save your life and not fall over? Ladies and gentlemen, the future is here.

2014 BMW S1000R Instrumentatioin