BMW R1200GS Two Million

BMW Motorrad has just rolled out its 2 millionth motorcycle to be manufactured in Berlin. The plant which is located in Spandau has been rolling out Beemers since 1969 and exporting it to 130 countries across the globe. The 2 millionth bike to roll out of the plant was a BMW R1200GS and thus we would discuss more about this bike later on in the evening along with live pictures. This 2 millionth bike was a special edition to mark the occasion and featured unique graphics. Guess who was present on this milestone day? None other than Chris Pfeiffer.

BMW R1200GS Special Edition

“I’m really proud to present the two millionth BMW motorcycle here today. I have a really busy schedule but this kind of thing doesn’t happen every day so I really wanted to be here,” Christian Pfeiffer, BMW Stunt rider, said.

BMW Berlin Two Million Production

Now most of you know that Chris won’t just cut ribbons or socialize? He would just take the keys of the bike and do what he does best, stunts! And he did just that. He however finished his stunt show with a rear tire burnout which read “2000000” on the tarmac. The BMW factory in Berlin produces up to 510 motorcycles a day from all model series, as well as about 24,000 brake discs for the car division. Now only if we had such a market for BMW bikes, we too could host a milestone production event but untill our economy reaches that level, we will have to be content with Hero Honda rolling out 2 million Splendors.

BMW Two Million Bike Celebration

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