Trends in the C-Segment continue to remain unchanged and the battle seems to have died down now.

C-Segment Sales September 2015

There was a time when the C-segment had so much competition that we journalists as well as enthusiasts would really look forward to the numbers every month. Things have changed now but what remains unchanged is the fact that market trends continue to remain constant. There seem to be absolutely no changes in the rank of all these cars as compared to the previous month. The Japanese rivals Honda City and Maruti Ciaz continue their winning streak while the others are also ringing in similar sales numbers.

The Toyota Etios sold 2700-odd units this month and most of them are attributed towards the cab market in India, which is ever growing. The outdated Tata Indigo and Manza are also fetching decent numbers with a large portion of the sales coming in from Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities. The Hyundai Verna seems to have settled down at sales between 1000-1500 units a month. The next generation Verna might just shake the segment up but that is still some time away.

The Volkswagen Vento got a facelift a couple of months back and it is selling slightly more than the similarly packaged Skoda Rapid. Both the cars have some attractive discounts and finance schemes available on them but their after-sales network is no match to the Japs. It is very surprising to see cars like the Chevrolet Sail selling more than the Nissan Sunny which is a better product by a huge margin. The Fiat Linea is again too old in the tooth now and is desperately begging for a replacement.

Renault fetched 30 sales with the Scala but the company has also discontinued some variants of the vehicle. Ford has also phased out the Fiesta for now and the new model might be launched in the near future. The C-segment will have similar trends for the next few months too. There is hardly anything new coming and with the current products on offer, the battle has become quite mundane in the Indian auto market.

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The fight among rivals has become so boring that the segment is begging for a new product