Consolatio Car Bed Leather Seats Headboard

For every car loving enthusiast, a car themed bed is a dream. Be it shaped like a Ferrari, or just vinyl stickers at the sides, we all at a given time have created our beds into racing cars. While the rich kids in the school might be sleeping on one of these car beds, the closest you got was after mercilessly begging for car themed spread sheets. Well, years passed by and the car bed loving child in you grew up to be an adult, but the desire to have the ultimate car bed still resides in you. As childish as it may sound at this given moment, car bed beats polished teak wood hands down.

While the race car bed may not be an ideal fit for your mature bedroom walls, there has been someone who has been listening to your prayers. Furniture company Morgann Paull have come with the concept of a car bed for adults that will not make you look like a child captured in a man’s body. The Consolatio Car Bed is a high-end design bed that you would otherwise purchase at a store, but with some automotive-inspired touches.

Specifically, the headboard is mounted with two leather seats that Paull claims are perfect for watching TV or reading in bed. If you need some extra space from your partner for the night, there is even an armrest with cup holders in the middle that folds down. For effective storage solutions, there are smart cubby spaces behind the headboard that will allow you to store things. Each car bed is made to order and can be shipped in either two or five pieces.

While a true automobile fan would not let go of it, you will have to shed a heavy price for your fanaticism. At $3999 (Rs. 2.40 lakhs) the car bed might just be a called an expensive indulgence. Nonetheless, the car bed is certainly a childhood dream that has come through for many of us. Despite its price being equivalent to a Tata Nano, the car bed should just be a part of your new furniture list. On a personal note, make sure you get a really big LED television with a gaming console setup in front of the car bed, while you play on the new Gran Tourismo 6, while in your bed. Go on, live the dream!

Consolatio Car Bed