The upcoming adventure bike from Royal Enfield will be in the 300-400cc range and the company has applied for a trademark for the name ‘Himalayan’ in Europe.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Spy Shot
Royal Enfield will launch Himalayan adventure motorcycle in the future

For most riders, there is no better way to witness the beauty of Himalayas than on a thumping Royal Enfield which amplifies the riding experience by ten folds. With the Himalayas being such an integral part of the RE charm, the company has now filed for a trademark for the name ‘Himalayan’ at the European Union’s Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) and this could be the upcoming Adventure motorcycle.

It is believed that the upcoming Royal Enfield Himalayan will be using a newly developed 385cc single-cylinder engine that could replace the outgoing 350cc engine currently powering several models from the Royal Enfield lineup. It is also safe to assume that the RE’s newest recruit, motorcycle designer Pierre Terblanche will be playing a significant role in the development of the entire project.

The Chennai based manufacturer has been planning to make it big in major markets like Europe and is eyeing the 300-500 middle-weight segment. Royal Enfield hit the sweet spot with the Continental GT and nothing says they cannot replicate the same success with the Himalayan Adventure tourer. What we can expect on the upcoming motorcycle is a familiar RE design language and heavy improvements on the quality of parts and refinement of the engine. A little more reliability won’t hurt either.

In addition to the adventure bike, the trademark also covers a range of products including head protection, clothing, riding gear among other motorcycle paraphernalia that you would be using during those adventure rides. Expect more details in the near future.

Royal Enfield Continental GT Ride
The upcoming Himalayan will be using an all-new 385cc engine under its belly