Continental ABS Motorcycles

Continental is a well-known international automotive supplier that has come up with a new Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) for motorcycles, which is lighter smaller and more affordable. It is termed as MK 100 MAB and is suitable for all motorcycle types. This is a two-channel ABS, which will be showcased at the upcoming EICMA motorcycle show in Milan. The new system will hit series production in Europe from 2015. Compared to the previous ABS systems, the new ABS from Continental is 50 percent lighter and smaller.

The MK 100 AB not only offers ABS function but also rear-wheel lift-off protection system (RLP). Depending on customer requirements, sport ABS for race tracks, off-road ABS and traction control system are also possible with the latest system. Of late, Continental has started concentrating on the motorcycle business, the company further plans to expand the growing motorcycle business in the near future. Continental has prepared a new organisational unit, which is dedicated for enhancing the motorcycle business.

The Motorcycle Anti-Lock Brake system (MAB) provides improved brake control and optimal deceleration for added driving safety. Nowadays, almost every carmaker offers ABS at least as an option. With the increasing performance oriented bikes and safety norms, ABS for motorcycles is also getting advanced. According to studies, 20-30 percent of all accidents can be prevented by equipping motorcycles with ABS. The European Union has already announced that ABS will be mandatory in Europe for all motorcycles with an engine capacity exceeding 125cc.

Just recently Bosch announced its ABS unit and now Continental too has officially confirmed its plans to bring ABS to a wider range of bikes. Continental will start equipping bikes with their new ABS unit starting from next year and the company will concentrate on the Indian market, which is among the biggest 2-wheeler markets in the world.

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