2012 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Roadster side

That’s a Catch! Former Formula One driver David Coulthard may certainly have won 13 grand prix titles, is certainly at ease with fast cars, but catch a golf ball flying at 286 km/h? Mercedes-Benz has released video footage with different camera angles catching this incredible feat live. The SLS AMG Roadster was at a speed of 193 km/h when the ball landed in between its seats. The golf ball was hit by professional golfer Jake Shepherd.

“The only way to track the ball was to keep your eyes on it all the time: it’s a real adrenaline rush but it’s not the most comfortable thing to do because for a moment, you’re not watching the road!” said a beaming Coulthard “I was as happy as I’ve ever been winning a Grand Prix because I was so surprised quite frankly that it went in, and went in so solidly!”

The video footage shows that the feat took some practice to attain, with the ball hitting the car’s windshield at one time and cracking it. Coulthard now holds the Guinness Record for ‘the longest golf shot caught in a moving car’ with Jake Shepherd. Checkout the video below to see the catch!

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgKMGwfo5sg 540 375]

-Rohit Nair