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Daimler Group’s brands Mercedes-Benz and Smart represent two completely different characteristics with their respective products. However, one quality that both the brands possess is the need to meet high safety standards. Proving its point, Daimler organized a crash test involving the 2015 Smart ForTwo and the all-new Mercedes S-Class showcasing the former’s ability to meet the ideal safety standards. While the Smart ForTwo is a small and timid compact city car, the S-Class is considered to be the last word in luxury and safety that weighs nearly twice as much.

The crash test involved both the vehicles colliding at a speed of 50 km/hr with 50 percent overlap. While the S-Class has been proven to be one of the safest vehicles out there with a host of safety tech, the Smart ForTwo proved its mettle too in terms of safety, thanks to the tridion safety cell that ensures efficient energy absorption in case of a frontal impact. The crash test results state that the Smart offered an intact occupant space and excellent chances of survival for passengers.

Daimler states that the 2015 Smart ForTwo underwent the same development program as the Mercedes S-Class or C-Class in terms of safety and possesses the same abilities as the luxury car brand. Moreover, the extensive use of ultra-strength steel ensures high stability for the passenger cell. Adding to the safety of the tridion cell has been presence of dual airbags along with a knee bag for the driver that is being offered as a standard feature.

Another factor to consider is that the Mercedes S-Class has been designed in such a way, so as to reduce the load on small vehicles in case of an accident without compromising the protection for its occupants. While the Smart ForTwo may seem safe as per the tests conducted by Daimler, a clearer picture on the sub-compact city car’s ability will be available after the Euro NCAP crash tests. The Smart ForTwo will go on sale in November across Europe, while the US market will get it in late 2015.

Smart ForTwo Mercedes S-Class Crash

Smart ForTwo Mercedes S-Class Crash Test Tridion Body Cell

Smart ForTwo Mercedes S-Class Crash Test

Smart ForTwo Mercedes S-Class Crash Test Preparation