Despite the increasing competition in the Indian auto industry, Maruti Suzuki has managed to hold the top spot, reason being, huge sales network and low cost of ownership. Lately, the carmaker’s sales hasn’t been upto the mark, hence the plan to diversify into new segments, while still maintaining focus on small cars. Maruti has always been a potent petrol carmaker and with the Fiat-sourced diesel engine, the company has tasted tremendous success in both diesel and petrol models in terms of volumes.

As Maruti Suzuki plans to add new products and enter new segments, they need diverse technology for diesel and other alternate fuels in the near future. According to the automaker, huge capital investment is required for development and production of an in-house diesel engine and there are some thoughts to implement the project but the time frame is uncertain. In spite of considering new segments, Maruti Suzuki will retain its focus on small cars for growth in the Indian market and has a target of 16 lakh units by the year 2016. Recently the labour troubles also affected the sales and performance of Maruti Suzuki.

The company has now setup an interim representative body of workers for better communication and are improving communication channels at their Manesar plant for smoother operations. Maruti Suzuki has just announced the development of a new LCV (codenamed Y9T) under the Carry platform, which will be powered by an option of CNG and diesel engines, expected to launch in two years. The 2014 Auto Expo will showcase a range of new products by Maruti Suzuki including the production version of XA-Alpha compact SUV.

2014 Maruti Swift LEDs