As per the new scheme, the government will pay for the treatment expenses of accident, burn and acid attack victims in Delhi.

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Private hospitals in Delhi won’t be reluctant to take poor patients due to the new scheme

The Delhi government has announced that it will be bearing all the treatment costs of accidents, burn or acid attack incidents taking place in the capital. On Tuesday, the scheme was put before Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in the cabinet meeting who passed it keeping in mind the helplessness of poor people and the predicaments they face after coming across accidents. The government will be paying all the bills charged by private hospitals after the treatment. Although the in-house treatment in government hospitals is free, the extra money which is expended will also be disbursed.

The scheme is applicable only if the misfortune takes place in the geographical area of Delhi, even if the victim is not the city resident. Putting some light on the challenges faced by people after an accident, the health minister Satyender Jain said, “Our aim is to save as many lives as possible. Even when a private hospital is located near by, many accident victims are taken to government hospitals and often the golden hour is lost in transport. Medical assistance in the golden hour is key to saving lives.”

It often happens in India that an accident victim lays beside the road moaning in pain but none of the by-passers stop to help them thinking of the enquiry they have to go through later. However, even if someone takes the initiative and bothers to help, the victim is needed to be taken to a government hospital as private ones refuse to accept a poor patient. Also, crime rates in Delhi, including acid attacks, are always on the higher side and many cannot afford the costly treatment. These challenges standing in front of the citizens will be largely solved by this move of the Delhi government.

Free Treatment To Accident Victims

– Delhi government will be paying for the expenses of accident victims in Delhi
– Arvind Kejriwal passed the scheme in a state cabinet meeting
– Government will bear the full cost of treatment

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Delhi is highly prone to accidents owing to large number of vehicles