The Indian government’s rules and regulations for the emission norms are such that Volkswagen can easily find loopholes and get away with it.

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The EA 189 diesel engine reports have been sent to Heavy Industries Division

Volkswagen has been the topic of discussion for the world of automobiles, post the ‘Diesel Gate’ scam. Alone in US there have been more than 500 law suits filed against Volkswagen AG for violating the pollution norms; the number of vehicles affected is estimated to be 8 lakhs across the globe. As a part of damage control the company has already allocated several billion dollars and it is also said that the German car maker could sell MAN Trucks, Lamborghini, Bentley and Ducati to keep the parent company sailing.

While Volkswagen is struggling in most of the countries to clear its name, there is a possibility for the company to have a cakewalk in India. Shocked? Yes, and here’s what the Government has to say. Though Volkswagen AG accepted of their cars flouting the emission norms and our Heavy Industries minister Mr. Anant Geete notifying the same; the transport ministry said that the report they received didn’t mention of any such violation.

Earlier the tests on Volkswagen cars fitted with EA 189 engines were conducted by Automotive Research and Development Center and the reports were sent to Heavy Industries Division asking them to take necessary actions. A ministry official said “But the reports don’t mention violation of test norms. So, there is no evidence. But to get better clarity, we will ask ARAI to respond whether they have detected any violation as per the set norms.”

Our Transport Minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari has been reviewing the situation with the company officials and assured that the decision on the diesel gate would be taken after assessing everything. “As of now, nothing is on record that suggests the manufacturer has violated our emission norms. We will follow transparent system for assessment before taking any action,” Mr. Gadkari said. He said that until and unless there is a convincing document stating that Volkswagen has violated the Indian pollution norms, he cannot take any action against the German car maker.

Earlier this month a report said how it would be difficult for the government to take action against the company as ARAI tests for pollution is tested under controlled conditions in an enclosed room and there is no specific tests for the same to be conducted in real world conditions. Loop holes in the Indian auto policy certainly can be an escape route for Volkswagen.

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According to VW, they have not violated Indian emission norms