Dochaki Designs’ latest creation includes a dark horse called Ashvat cruiser which gains its origin from a Royal Enfield bike.

Dochaki Designs Ashvat Bullet Lightning
Based on the Bullet Lightning, the Ashvat uses a 535cc motor upgraded for more power

In a world where the assembly line commands the final word in production, it is a constant need of the biker to set his ride apart from the rest. For these passionate few who want their beauties to exude a different character, the customization scene in India has been generous enough providing something for everyone. One such team of two-wheeler custom builders is known as Dochaki Designs that continue to innovate and create something unique. With the Asvat cruiser build, the Pune based company has managed to achieve something. Co-founded by MotorBeam’s render expert Anupam Parihar, this is what Dochaki’s dark horse is all about.

A brute of a looker, Dochaki’s first creation is the Ashvat – a low riding cruiser that is based on the old 535cc Royal Enfield Bullet Lightning. The team has made a host of modifications to the Bullet right from the engine to the aesthetics to get the right appeal. Modifications to the engine include revised piston, block and head that has helped increase the power output on this motor. The designers have retained the original filter but added some extra openings in order to allow more air to pass through.

On the design front, Dochaki has increased the overall length by 4-inches, while adding a hand crafted fuel tank, side panels, new round shaped air filter, battery cover and a new seat. Also new are the front shock absorber mountings, custom made handlebars, bar end mirrors, meter mounting box and a smaller but more powerful headlamp unit. The brake lights have been upgraded to LEDs and blinkers, whereas the frame has been customised to accommodate the lowered seat height. Lastly, the owner can customise the rear shock absorber as per his comfort, while there is a new rear support added for improved pillion comfort.

There is also a 15-inch wider wheel added to the Ashvat with new rims as well as drum brakes and gets a custom made swingarm and chain arrangement. Dochaki has done up the Ashvat in a custom black paint scheme with grey on the sides that help emphasise the fuel tank and panels with golden stripes. All parts of the bike have been blackened out. The build took the team more than two months to complete and is priced at around Rs. 1.2 lakhs. Ashvat, as Dochaki says translates to Black Horse.

Dochaki Designs Ashvat Cruiser
The shock absorbers on the Ashvat can be customized as per the rider’s requirement
Dochaki Designs Ashvat Cruiser Features
The Ashvat has its length increased by 4-inches over the stock Bullet Lightning
Dochaki Designs Ashvat Bullet Modified
The Ashvat gets LED brake lights with blinkers, the tyres get 15-inches wider wheels
Dochaki Designs Ashvat Modifications
The Dochaki team took more than 2 months to complete the build at a price of Rs. 1.2 lakhs