Ducati D-Air Airbag Jacket

Motorcycle safety is one of the most concerning issues for riders and very little has been actually done to make the rider and the pillion safe. Unlike airbags in cars which keep the occupants safe in case of collision; riders are always at risk of hurting themselves in spite of wearing complete gear. However, Italian motorcycle maker Ducati in association with clothing company Dainese started working on airbag jacket for the rider and pillion integrated with the motorcycle to keep them safe in case of a collision and has developed the Ducati Multistrada D-Air model.

The Ducati Multistrada features a fully incorporated system of sensors that wirelessly connect to the Ducati Apparel Airbag Jacket by Dainese. The sensors understand the motorcycle’s dynamic situation and deploy the airbag feature of the jacket in the case of an accident. It takes the D-Air system only 45 milliseconds to analyse the situation and deploy the airbag in case of an accident. The airbag jacket helps you protect several vital parts of your upper body including the spine, shoulders, neck and chest from serious injuries.

The 2014 Ducati Multistrada D-Air model with the airbag jackets will be available in Europe by May 2014. Ducati will release some more information regarding the technology by 15th April. Rider safety has always been an issue and this could be a milestone in motorcycle safety. Here is a slow-motion video of the airbag jacket by Dainese and how it works. Do let us know your thoughts on the airbag jacket. Do you think it can give you adequate safety?

[youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85ckZxm2D4Q 540 375]

Ducati Multistrada D-Air Instrument Console

Ducati Multistrada D-Air