Fab Regal Raptor to launch their new breed of motorcycles in the Indian market, which aim primarily at the various police departments of the country.

Fab Regal Raptor Police Legacy
Fab Regal Raptor Police Legacy comes with a slew of benefits

Chinese motorcycle maker Regal Raptor in association with Fabulous and Beyond Motors is set to launch their new model, Raptor Police Legacy very soon, the company has confirmed in an email statement. The new model is exclusively designed for the police department. It can be used for chase and intercept culprits. Gujarat police department is already using this range of motorcycles.

In India most of the state police department uses 150cc bikes without any modern integrated technology. Therefore Fab Regal Raptor is approaching all state governments to showcase their products and are confident of supplying them at a reasonable price. And they are getting positive response from various police departments.

The company is set to expand their market in India by adding more dealerships across the country. They are planning for more than 50 outlets in the next one year. An investment of Rs. 46 lakhs to 2.5 crores in tier one, two and three cities can bag a Fab Regal Raptor dealership. All the stores will be equipped with service points as well. They also assure incompatible 7-year warranty and one year free road assistance.

Apart from the police department, this Police Legacy can be an asset to the bomb squad, fire and safety, VVIP escorts and traffic police patrolling as well. Ultra modern public address system, GPS system and integration of mobile surveillance with control room are some of the peculiar specifications of the new model. The motorcycle also features front and rear disc brakes along with 6 sensors for various purposes.

Fab Regal Raptor Police Legacy Motorcycle

– Cruiser motorcycle targets police departments of the country
– Equipped with GPS, surveillance and other security systems
– The company plans to widen their dealerships to 50+ outlets in the next one year

Raptor Police Legacy
These motorcycles are basically of Chinese origin
Fab Regal Raptor Police
FAB Motors is Hyderabad based
Fab Regal Raptor
Not much has been revealed about the mechanicals