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The GTC4Lusso T doesn’t compromise on practicality for performance

The GTC4Lusso may not be the best looking Ferrari due to its shooting brake design but it is unmatched when it comes to practicality. It can seat 4 people, is reasonably comfortable at the rear and is a hoot to drive. Powered by a 3.8-litre Twin-Turbo V8, it produces 610 PS of power and 760 Nm of twisting force. It will accelerate from standstill to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds and has a top speed of 320 km/hr. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to unleash all its horses but we did get a first-hand experience of the 4WS or the Four Wheel Steering System.

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A red convertible Ferrari, the ideal combo for a fun breakfast drive

Despite the big numbers, the cars were very usable and easy to drive, grabbing lots of attention wherever we went

On the other hand, the Ferrari Portofino is one hell of a looker and a great car for topless motoring. It has superb road presence and is nothing short of an eye magnet. This 2 door, hard-top convertible shares its powerplant and output with the GTC4Lusso, all except it produces 600 PS instead of the 610 with the latter. The 0-100 acceleration time is the same at 3.5 seconds as it is comparatively lighter in weight. You can open the roof on the move as long as you are under 40 km/hr, however once opened, you can push the pedal to the metal, the wind brushing through your hair providing nirvana of sorts.

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Even the slighest throttle input will push you back into the seat

Now, let’s talk about our experience with these cars. One would think that these supercars will be a pain to drive in city conditions as they are made with the aim of going fast around a track but seems like we were wrong. It’s like a case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. They are extremely comfortable in bumper to bumper traffic. We were surprised to be lugging around at 40 km/hr in the city while being in the 5th gear. Such is the torque of these machines. However, they turn into monsters when you floor the pedal. We floored it at the slightest opportunity and all 600 horses galloped with such precision, it was nothing less than art in motion. The exhaust is just music to the ears and the attention you get is actually beyond comprehension.