Ferrari Electric Supercar Patent Design
The patent has surfaced in the nick of time

The Ferrari electric supercar patent provides several details the brand would not want us to know

With its electric supercar set to arrive in 3 years’ time, Ferrari will not want patent images of the upcoming model featuring the battery pack in the middle to fall into the hands of erm…us.

Filed in June 2019 at the US Patent Office and published only a couple of weeks ago, these patent images have been titled “Electric or Hybrid Sport Car”. Thus, this layout will be used for more than 1 application.

The car uses a mid-mounted larger battery pack and several smaller ones

Ferrari’s version of an electric supercar has the traditional low-slung, 2-seater, mid-engine layout. Except there is no engine in the middle. In its place sits a large battery pack the storage capacity of which is unknown.

Apart from featuring the mid-mounted battery pack, the Ferrari electric supercar, patent images show, comes with at least 3 separate smaller batteries in the floor. These battery packs are mounted to a subframe that is bolted on to the car’s main tub.

Interestingly, the patent specifies that if at all Ferrari is hell bent on fitting an internal combustion engine (ICE) to power the car, then it must be placed either up front or in the middle behind the mid-mounted battery pack which stays as is.

Ferrari Electric Supercar Patent Battery Pack
The battery pack is really set to replace a Ferrari petrol engine!

Ferrari has, seemingly for the first time, decided to build a car not around the engine, but around a battery pack! Who would have thought this time would arrive eh!

According to the patent, the floor-mounted battery packs will use cylindrical battery cells, while the mid-mounted pack will use any type of cells the brand prefers.

Despite these patent images having surfaced, nothing is known about the car so to speak. For example, the energy content of the battery packs, kW output of the electric motor(s), weight, design, among several other things still remain a mystery.

Ferrari Electric Supercar Patent
This layout could also accommodate a petrol engine