Ferrari Roma
It looks unlike recent Ferrari’s and is all the better for it

Ferrari has launched the Roma, its 2+2 sports-GT, at a price tag of Rs. 3.61 crores (ex-showroom) in India. The price, however, like for every model from Maranello, is before options and by the time owners tick a few boxes, it will skyrocket further.

Bookings are open at the Mumbai and Delhi dealerships of the supercar manufacturer and presumably, it will do well, like many other Ferrari models.

Unveiled internationally late last year, the Roma is essentially the reworked hardtop version of the Portofino. However, credit where it’s due, Ferrari has nailed the design of the car and it looks much better than the convertible.

Looking unlike any modern car to roll out of Maranello, the Ferrari Roma has aesthetics that would please anybody who clap their eyes on one. The perforated grille, sharp LED headlights, deep splitter, bonnet bulges, smooth flowing lines culminating in a sharp rear section sporting fancy tail lamps, all make it a wonderful thing to behold.

Admittedly, Ferrari has taken styling cues from its models from the 1950s and ’60s, notably the 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso and 250 GT 2+2.

Equally brilliant looking are the insides of the car, what with three screens, one each used for the instrument binnacle, infotainment system (8.4-inch) and for the passenger. Unlike recent Ferrari’s, the Roma’s cabin has a dedicated layout for the front passengers.

At the back, there is space for children, but we reckon it would be better not to try and squeeze adults, even for shorter journeys. The new dash is to be copied in upcoming models from Ferrari, including the new steering wheel and its capacitive touch buttons.

Now to the important part – the powertrain. It is a 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 that puts out 620 HP and 760 Nm and is mated to a 8-speed dual-clutch auto. Such power is enough to propel the car to a 320 km/hr top speed and also help it complete the 0-100 km/hr run un 3.4 seconds.

There will be a whole host of traction control systems offered as standard with the car with some fancy names to save drivers from having a crash even when they indulge in a bit of hooliganry.

This car is very important for Ferrari, since it has stated that the Roma has been designed to appeal to people who would have been intimidated by its cars. The firm states that it will be appealing to luxury sedan and SUV drivers who have not owned a proper sportscar yet.

Although, technically-speaking, the Ferrari Roma is a sports-GT, it does have front-mid-engine setup, and thus, it might fit their bill very well indeed.

Ferrari Roma Price

  • Ferrari launches the Roma in India, prices it from Rs. 3.66 crores
  • The price tag is ex-showroom and before options
  • The sports-GT is powered by a 3.9-litre 620 HP twin-turbo V8
Ferrari Roma Dashboard
This cabin architecture will be carried forward in future models
Ferrari Roma Engine
Located right at the front bulkhead, the V8 will propel the car onto a top speed of 320 km/hr
Ferrari Roma Side Profile
The carmaker wants to lure in luxury sedan and SUV owners to its portfolio
We hope it sells well in India and that owners get to enjoy their prized toy
Sleek-looking body style would mean the Roma would remain classy always

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