Fiat Caffe

Fiat is coming up with 20 new dealerships in the near future, which will be independent of Tata Motors. But a few such dealerships will stand out from others, they are known as Fiat Caffe. Initially to be started off in Delhi and Pune, the Fiat Caffe will help the company increase footfalls to its dealership and thereby increase awareness about its products. These caffes will have Italian-ness in them and will not only have all Fiat cars on display but will also sell exclusive Fiat merchandise. You can hang around in the Fiat Caffe, consume coffee (price list below) and tea and checkout Italian beauties all at the same time.

India is not the only country to have seen this innovative model, Fiat has been using successfully internationally. With 2012 edition of the Linea and Grande Punto lined-up and Fiat all set to address after sales service, things seem to be shaping up quite nicely for the car maker. But will Fiat make as much money from this retail strategy? Probably not but the brand building which it will create is truly priceless! Meanwhile you can check out the Fiat Caffe website here.

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