Ford Brazil is offering special customised packs for the 2015 EcoSport which is available in five special themes based on outdoor sports.

Ford EcoSport Tribe Kit Brazil
The 5 special themes include surf, bike, skateboard, hang gliding and diving

Ford Brazil is offering a special treat for EcoSport lovers in the country with a range of special accessories on offer on the compact SUV. Collectively called as the ‘Tribe Kit’, the special accessories will be available for purchase on the 2015 model year EcoSport and and are divided into 5 special themes including Surf, Bike, Skateboard, Hand Gliding and Diving. Keeping up with the spirit of adventure and outdoor activities that the EcoSport is known for, the American auto giant states that the custom accessories package will reciprocate the same more effectively.

The Tribe Kit will give customers the option to customize their vehicles with the kind of activity they identify themselves with. Customers get decals for the sides and door sills, a special spare wheel cover, new roof rails and roof track, a crossbar, trunk tray as well as a bike mount (bike theme only). The custom accessories not only add aesthetic value to the EcoSport but also improve the functionality on the compact SUV. You also get certain smaller accessories for the cabin including storage bags for gloves and snorkel kits (diving theme only), while mounts are also available for surf boards and bicycles.

The Tribe kit has been developed in collaboration with Ford’s R&D division in Brazil and the automaker will be offering warranty of up to 5 years on the entire range. Apart from the accessories, the EcoSport gets no changes to the interior or powertrain for 2015 and continues with the existing engine options including the 1.0-litre EcoBoost motor. In the Indian context, Ford is doing steady numbers with the compact SUV and has no plans as such to launch special editions anytime soon. The company though could consider the same once the segment gets aggressive with a host of new launches planned next year.

Ford EcoSport Tribe Kit Accessories
The custom accessories come with a company warranty of 5 years