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The EcoSport S is a fun and practical compact SUV

My only issue here is that Ford does not offer an automatic variant for the diesel and that’s a bummer for people like me who have to spend nearly 4 hours in traffic daily, most of it being bumper to bumper. Other than that, the EcoSport is munching away mile after mile effortlessly. Being an EcoSport owner, I can confidently say that with the facelift, the EcoSport is currently the best offering in the compact SUV space as it offers tons of convenience & practicality. Now it would have been a perfect deal if it came with a diesel automatic. The competition offers it and we are hoping Ford will follow suit soon.

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The S diesel variant only gets cosmetic enhancements compared to the Titanium+ variant

What’s Cool

* The cosmetic enhancements make the car look more brawny
* Easy to drive in the city
* Engine feels refined, light clutch and a smooth gearbox

What’s Not So Cool

* No diesel automatic

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The EcoSport S also gets a matte black grille and blackened fog lamp housing

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