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Expecting high fuel efficiency from heavy SUVs is sacrilege

But then being overweight has its own issues. This 2.2-litre returned an average fuel economy of around 8.5 km/l which is something you would expect for an SUV of this size and weight. On good days the figure was in double digits but sometimes when heavy traffic dominates your drive, it would dip below 6 km/l. The 3.2-litre would be returning even less.

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4WD is offered only with the 3.2-litre engine

Driving dynamics are quite sorted by ladder-frame standards. Yes, there is a good amount of body-roll and considering its weight, it is well controlled. You obviously can’t drive it like you would in a monocoque. The suspension is well set up but gets a tad bouncy on bad roads and there is some sort of a thud when you go into a pothole, but it improves as the speeds pick up. Compared to its Japanese competitor, the Endeavour does have an edge when it comes to driving dynamics. Stopping power is impressive too.

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Unlike before, maintenance of Ford cars is light on the pocket now

Ford has been working on reducing their service costs significantly in recent times

Cost of ownership for the Endeavour is very competitive. You would pay much less over 1,00,000 km than you would for the Toyota Fortuner. Thanks to Ford’s Child Part strategy, even accidental repairs won’t dent your pockets. Build quality is impressive, the doors shut with that reassuring thud. However, sometimes the elders in the family found them too heavy to open.

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As a package, the Endeavour is hard to beat

So how did the Endeavour fare in this test? Well, we loved most of the things about it. This SUV brings a lot of practicality on the table. We loved the spaciousness of the cabin, the comfort it offers and if you like to travel out of town over weekends, there is no other SUV (in this segment) which will take you in as much comfort as the Endeavour. The 2.2-litre oil-burner performs well and honestly we didn’t once feel the need for more power. We were disappointed with the fuel economy though, the 2.2 motor should have been delivering at least 10 km/l if not more. The Endeavour however is a complete package and if you are looking for a true blue SUV, there is currently nothing better than this big mighty Ford.

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With the third row folded, cargo capacity is enormous

What’s Cool

* Styling and road presence is superb
* Interiors are well-built and have many features
* The seats are nicely shaped and offer good comfort
* 2.2-litre engine is good enough for city and highway driving

What’s Not So Cool

* Third row space is limited
* Rides gets bouncy on bad roads
* No 4WD offered with the 2.2 engine

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The driving position is excellent with superb visibility

Testers’ Note:

“The Ford Endeavour is easily the best SUV at its price point, offering great comfort with generous space and a good ride. In spite of its gigantic size, it still is easy to drive and handles well too. There is no such thing as a perfect SUV but the Endeavour comes really close.” – Faisal Khan, Editor, MotorBeam.
“The Endeavour is one of my favourite SUVs, actually it comes second in my list after the Safari. What I like about this beast is that it looks like a proper SUV with hefty dimensions and a commanding driving position. The interiors are good to look at and the quality is fantastic too. I was surprised with the ease of driving it offers, it’s a breeze to drive considering the mammoth size of this SUV. In my opinion it is the best SUV in the segment.” – Aariz Rizvi, Assistant Editor, MotorBeam.
“Roads in Mumbai are really bad plus there are a lot of irritants like rickshaws and bikers which is why I prefer driving SUVs. The Endeavour looks awesome and road presence is unmatched. The driving position is also spot-on and the equipment list is good enough for this SUV. I feel the 2.2-litre variant makes a lot of sense for urban users whose usage is restricted to city roads and highways while those who’d prefer going off-roading in the Endy, the 3.2 suits them best.” – Parth Gohil, Associate Editor, MotorBeam.
“The Ford Endeavour is the best SUV hands down in its price range. It is big, it is bold and it certainly has a dominating presence on the road. At first I thought the 2.2 litre engine might not suffice my hunger for more power but I was completely wrong when I drove it for long period of time in day to day traffic. Talking about the features and interiors, it has always been the little things for me that mattered a lot and there is a bucket full of them in this SUV. The Ford Endeavour 2.2 with its splendid suspension setup is the perfect SUV for our Indian conditions.” – Pratik Tyagi, Chief Video Editor, MotorBeam.

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