Ford EcoSport India Review

Global warming has been a serious issue around the world. As the temperature is going higher day by day, the earth has seen many environmental changes taking place around the world. The ice glaciers over the Himalayas are fast melting. If this rate continues, the day is not far when the level of water would rise and most of the landmass would get submerged under water and there would be no place left for humans to live. Green house gases such as carbon dioxide traps heat from the sun that would have otherwise escaped the earth’s atmosphere. The main source of this carbon dioxide is the exhaust gases of the cars that ply on our streets.

Now, for years, Toyota has been the pioneer in coming up with green technologies. The hybrid Prius was a great success to them when it was launched. The car had fetched them good name and unprecedented profits. In the last couple of years, almost every auto giant has come up with some technologies that could save the mother earth. Cars like Chevrolet Volt and Nissan’s all electric Leaf came up with some really good technology that won the hearts of many and they were able to go out of the showrooms in good numbers as people now a days like to go an environment friendly way. The latest addition to this group of car-makers is Ford but they have come up with a slightly different approach.

The Ford Plant at Chennai is the first Ford car plant in the world to come up with the Ford’s Three-Wet High-Solid paint technology which enabled them to reduce carbon dioxide emission by 21 percent and water consumption by 15,000 Kilo-litres/year. Ford reuses 100 percent of the waste water that they use in their plant. Even the waste gases that come out of their plant are either recycled or re-processed entirely in the cement industries. The fuel used in ovens have been altered to propane instead of the conventional diesel used. With all this done, Ford expects to reduce 25 percent energy or 27.6 million kilowatt hour/year. Enough to power almost 12,000 households in Chennai for a year.

The newly developed 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine is another green invention from Ford that offers the advantage of optimized fuel efficiency due to its lower displacement while maintaining equal amount of power. This engine is coming in the Ford Ecosport and we hope that Ford is able to reach new heights with the adoption of all these new strategies and technology.

Ford Sustainable Strategy