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Ford has started to remove CD players from its vehicles as the company sees a growing trend of users opting to listen music via their USB or MP3 player. The company is the first automobile manufacturer in the world to commence this transition and the first car from their stable to get ride of the CD player is the new Focus. The new Ford Focus, which went on sale recently and is India bound early next year, uses a USB socket for music playback. However USB too is a stop gap method for Ford, as the American automaker plans to go one up, by allowing music retrieval over the internet.

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Ford plans to offer an Sync infotainment hub on its future cars. This hub will also include a dongle slot to plug in your USB or iPod. The vehicle’s ob-board computer will thus be able to access the users music collection over the internet, through services like Apple’s iCloud. Ford believes that by 2015 around 20 lakh cars from their stable in Europe will have the Sync system. The company has seen a sharp decline in CD player sales as physical albums have declined in this new digital era. How many of you use CDs in your cars? Or do you just use the Aux/USB plug to grove in your vehicles?