Custom motorcycle company, Gabriel Motorcycles has just built a custom black Bobber based on the Bajaj Pulsar 220 motorcycle, featuring stunning design elements.

Gabriel Motorcycles Bobber
Front end of the custom bike looks similar to the Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight

Popularity of building and owning custom vehicles has been steadily increasing in the country. This comes in light of the fact that there are many events being organised all over the country promoting the same. Large number of petrol-heads flock to these events to witness the aura surrounding the Indian customisation scene. Cars have always been modified in India, but two-wheeler customisation is still a path relatively less traveled on. However, we do have some very good examples of custom-built or tailor-made bikes to demonstrate Indian talent in this domain.

One such two-wheeler customiser is Gabriel Motorcycles. Their latest example is a unique Bobber which whether you believe it or not is based on a Pulsar 220. While many would choose to build a Bobber on a bike like Royal Enfield, Gabriel likes to take the less used path to suffice the needs of its clients. Coming to the design, the overall silhouette looks very classy and neat to put it in simple words. Except for the engine and few other mechanical components, the whole bike has been redesigned from ground up.

The front end gets a new round headlight, while the LED tail-light is found over the number plate housing that together has been mounted on the side of a cool looking swingarm. The single seat has been hand built and the rear turn indicators have been neatly placed underneath the same. The black Bobber gets custom front and rear fenders with custom black multi-spoke wheels that have been made in-house. It features an underbelly rear suspension with the rear tyre getting a single disc brake in addition to the single disc up front. Other custom parts include –

  • Knuckle duster foot pegs
  • CNC cut, flame shaped brake and gear pedal levers
  • Laser engraved air filter and battery box
  • Bar-end rear view mirrors
  • Peanut fuel tank with a sprocket lid
  • Custom silencer
  • Chrome made from 100% rustproof stainless steel
  • Heat resistant black coating on the engine and silencer

Gabriel Motorcycles has done an amazing job on the Bobber which features a one-off air-brushed paint job with a yellow stripe running down the centre of the bike. The distinctive badges/plates and paint job on the fuel tank makes it a true custom with no similarities whatsoever with the motorcycle it is based on.

Gabriel Motorcycles Bobber Front
The ‘MAD SOULS’ plate gives a distinctive look unlike any other bobber
Gabriel Motorcycles Custom Bobber
This is probably the best view of the Bobber
Gabriel Motorcycles Bobber Fuel Tank
Fuel tank lid is a sprocket
Gabriel Motorcycles Bobber Footrest
The knuckle shaped foot rest looks very cool lending a masculine appeal as well
Gabriel Motorcycles Bobber Swingarm
The swingarm is one of the best looking custom made parts on the bike
Gabriel Motorcycles Bobber Rear
It has hazard/parking lights as well