Hyundai Nurburgring Facility

Almost every automaker now has a place which it calls home with regards to testing of vehicles. These homes serve them as proving grounds or test centers as they are scattered all across the globe. That is the reason why the Korean giant Hyundai has chosen Nurburgring as its newest test center. Situated in Germany, Nurburgring has always been considered as the benchmark for testing vehicles on race tracks. The launch of this test facility is due to take place in August 2013.

The Green Hell (as nicknamed), the Nurburgring track is a public road that extends up to 15 miles. The road turns through a section of forest of south western Germany. The entire stretch features endless array of twists, turns, elevation change and changing road surface. This is a perfect place for drivers where they can push themselves up to the limit. That is why Hyundai has set up the test facility just there. This location will also serve as another spot for European research and development.

Hyundai performs accelerated durability test upon its vehicle. This test enables a vehicle to travel 1,11,000 miles in just a few weeks. Since the only gripe with the current Hyundai product lineup that customers complain are of handling and steering feel, it is hoped that the new facility at Nurburgring might just serve the right purpose. Hyundai had earlier set up a research facility in Germany in 2003 and now with the inclusion of this Nurburgring test facility, things might go to new heights.

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