The transport ministry has proved it yet again that it surely pays attention to the demands of the public and with their latest draft issued, renewal procedure of vehicle fitness certificates has become just a whole lot easier.

Inter-state passenger buses are growing and this draft is gonna help immensely

Most of us, the motoring or travelling enthusiasts, prefer to go for long road trips like inter-state trips or sometimes even month-long trips to our favourite hill stations, natural hideouts or even coastal regions. But many-a-times, few factors often hold us back from going for such trips, especially legal issues like vehicle fitness certificates. Now, to our fortune, the road transport ministry has finally issued a draft that should prove to be a major relief for all vehicle owners.

The draft issued by the ministry basically makes renewal of vehicle fitness certificates a whole lot easier to obtain and that too, across India. Previously, owners had to get their vehicle(s) to the same office where they first got it registered. This was a very tiresome process as well because of the time taken to renew the certificates and the drivers of various transport agencies used to face huge problems and harassment in case the certificates where expired while long-hauling.

After a lot of requests and representations from truckers and various other vehicle operators, the ministry considered this issue and finally came up with a solution of using the digital era’s technology to make life of all the owners easier. Now, an inspecting officer other than the inspecting officers in the office of registering authority who complies with the norms can issue the renewal certificate.

All the particular inspecting officer needs to do is to upload the inspection report in the newly made portal and send a hard copy of the report to the registering authority within 15 days. The driver will receive a test copy so that he/she can present the same, whenever needed to prevent any sort of problems. Also, the authenticity of the copy can be verified by the officers at any given check post by looking for its digital copy on the portal. This way, everyone remains at peace.

Honestly, such a step also proves that the government is well capable of getting things right as and when it feels the need. And, allowing the renewal of the vehicle fitness certificates across India is just a stepping stone for them as there are quite a few issues related to the transport sector as well for now. One of them is to have a unified and unbiased road tax all over India. This particular issue has been very much present all over social media and hopefully, it will soon be put in practice.

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Through technology, verifying documents would be faster and will reduce waiting time