Ghe-o Rescue All Terrain Vehicle

Severe weather conditions and calamities can, at times even put the best rescue vehicles to shame. Roads can get highly damaged or unapproachable and thus hinder emergency rescue operations. Addressing this situation, Romanian firm Ghe-O Motors has a solution for the problem with Rescue. Rescue can be termed as an all-weather, all-terrain type of vehicle. It will help facilitate rescue operations, medical emergencies and as a fire extinguisher in extreme terrains where conventional rescue vehicles cannot not reach.

The Ghe-O Rescue is heavily powered by a selection of petrol and diesel engines. There are two petrol engines on choice, a 340 BHP version and a performance version offering 500 BHP of output. Two diesel engines are on options too, a 218 BHP version and another 304 BHP diesel engine. The Rescue can carry 11 people in all and can perform challenges like any other extreme off-roader vehicle. The monster looking car weighs 3.2 tons and is 5.2 meters long, 2.7 meters wide and 2.39 meters tall.

Among the list of accessories is a 620-litre water tank, in case the Rescue goes on a fire mission. It can very well be fitted with tracks on rear wheels for accessing extreme rough roads and snow. It features foldable roof-mounted carriage space. The wheels of the Rescue can be fitted with pneumatic pillows to help it manoeuvre through water. This feature will prove to be a helpful innovation considering difficulties in approaching flooded sites. Below is a video showing the Rescue battling extreme road conditions.

[youtube: 540 375]