General Motors ceases production at the Halol plant in Gujarat, all production will now happen only at the Talegaon plant.

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General Motors announced in 2015 that it would be ceasing the operations at Halol plant, and since then they have been working with every stakeholder of the company to ensure there is a smooth transition happening. General Motors announced that they would be ceasing production effective from today.

General Motors says employees working in the organisation are taken care of by providing them with generous separation payments or the option of continuity of employment at the Talegaon plant. Top executives also confirm that the employees have been provided additional support measures including tax and financial advice.

The Government of Gujarat too has played an important role during the plant’s operations as well as during this transition period, and General Motors is very grateful to the Government of Gujarat for the extended support. The closure of Halol plant and shifting to Talegaon has now consolidated the operations of General Motors in India.

GM Halol Plant Production

– Operations at Halol plant in Gujarat are now ceased
– All production to happen at Talegaon plant only
– Employees will be given generous compensation or job offers at the Talegaon plant

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