Bajaj RE60 2012

The quadricycle from Bajaj Auto has received a lot of criticism in the market regarding safety concerns, from the public as well as from automakers. However, Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director of Bajaj Auto, deprecating the disagreement by the automakers has stated that the company has invested around 5 years and a good sum of money to innovate the next generation means of public transportation.

Bajaj Auto reckons that the development is being an assist for other automakers who are willing to enter in the quadricycles market and the rivals have taken advantage of the efforts in developing the RE60. The delay in the approval of policies to commence production of quadricycles also disappoints the company. The Bajaj RE60 was first time showcased at 2012 Auto Expo.

Bajaj Auto has been the innovator of quadricycles in India and the first to approach the Government for the approval of this new segment of public transportation. The Government signed the quadricycles approval some time back for intra-city use and restricted the vehicle for highway run along with personal use. The approval has been a coup for Bajaj and has alarmed other automakers who have shown signs to enter the new market with their respective models.

Bajaj Auto has invested over Rs. 550 crores in the development of the new plant for the RE60 with a production capacity of 5000 units for a month. The RE60 is powered by a 200cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine with a claimed mileage of 35 km/l. The RE60 is due for its ARAI mileage and safety test.

The development has been considered a dish to danger since its introduction but in comparison to three-wheelers, the quadricycle would be a better alternative that provides more safety for the occupants under intra-city use. In European countries, quadricycles have been serving local commuting for over 20 years and France was the first country to approve the standards for the quadricycles under the moped segment in 1986.

Bajaj RE60 2012 Auto Expo