The Gujarat police plans to procure 5 superbikes in order to carry out various tasks including VIP protection as well as security of citizens.

Harley Street 750 SuperLow Gujarat Police
Harley demonstrated the Street 750 & SuperLow bikes to the Gujarat police last week

Last week, we brought you images of the Harley-Davidson Street 750 and SuperLow cruisers showing up in official livery for the Gujarat police. While we know it was no special supercop edition for customers, it now turns out that the bikes had come down to the state police officials for a demonstration as the department plans to procure 5 superbikes that will be added to its fleet later this year. The state police plans to use the superbikes for varied reasons including an emergency situation, security of citizens as well as VIP protection and is currently finalising on the right model to do the job.

The Gujarat state police technical committee is currently evaluating various bikes from several manufacturers. While Harley was one of the first manufacturers to give the demonstration in Gandhinagar last week, other manufacturers have also been invited for the same. Performance manufacturers Triumph and BMW have also been asked to give their demo. The department is looking at various engine displacements ranging from 700cc to 1500cc, but the model also needs to fit in their budget.

The criteria set for selecting the superbikes is the ability of the motorcycle to carry high tech communication equipment that is necessary for emergency situations like wireless sets among others, apart from the usual sirens and warning lights. Once the committee reaches a conclusion, a final decision will be taken to purchase 5 such fully equipped bikes confirmed as official. The good roads in Gujarat might finally see some exciting high speed chases in the coming months it seems.

BMW K1300R India
We think the BMW K1300R would be the perfect intimidator for the Gujarat police