Automakers all around the globe invest huge chunks of money for the research and development. Innovations are made and newer technologies are being developed to make the driving experience hassle free and more enjoyable. And now a solution has been designed to one of the most concerned issues. Most of us have faced problems while driving to our destination due to heavy rainfall or snowfall in the dark. What we commonly would do apart from turning the wipers on is just switch between high beam and low beam light. And yes, we do know that it doesn’t help much.

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At Carnegie Mellon University, United States, some very intellectual and high on IQ folks have solved the problem. Researchers working with the university on the project said “If you know where the rain drops are, you can sort of stream the light between them”. The project has been named as ‘Seeing through Rain’ and the headlights are named the “Smart headlights”. What they have actually done is that they have focused on minimizing the reflection using some very high-technology gadgets.

We all know there is a gap between each rain drop which we cannot see with our naked eyes. But these researchers have found the solution in those gaps. According to them, redirecting the beam to shine between those particles can surely minimize the reflection. Now that’s some heavy metal geeky stuff. Under this technology a camera will be used which will detect the motion of the rain or snowfall and calculate their path and then deactivate the light beam that would actually hit those particles.

That’s really amazing to see how such things develop and now these Smart Headlights are surely something that will amuse and gather attention. Smart Headlights can surely be the new safety feature but it has a long way ahead for its further development.

– Kanishk Arora