With over eight crore two-wheelers in the country, the service support is indeed a challenge. The gap exists and Bosch is all set to fill that. The plan is to expand its service footprint across the country. Bosch, which is a auto-component maker, introduced what is called the workshop concept for the two-wheeler segment in the country. As a part of this, the company has started ten new Express Bike Service Outlets (EBS) in Coimbatore. Previously, the company had a sole outlet in Delhi.

The company already excels in producing the auto components and the spares, thus procuring the genuine parts is never an issue. The company already has a double digit growth in the segment. Thus, opening more outlets will only help the company to gain confidence to achieve a sustainable growth. The company has a positive tone about the growth in the two-wheeler segment. Thanks, to the rising fuel prices, the company expects the two-wheeler market to grow by multi-fold in the next five to ten years. Perhaps, the growth would be more evident in the sub-urban and rural areas.

Talking about the expansion strategy, the company has plans of setting up 50 outlets of EBS by this year end. Every city that they target would have a minimum of ten outlets. Finally, they expect to reach a figure of 500 outlets, the number that would match the number of car service centres, Bosch already has in the country. These workshops would service multitude of two-wheeler brands and would offer a wide range of spares and two-wheeler parts, though tyres and engines would not be available on the shelf.