Hero Karizma ZMR Long Term Review

The Karizma’s ZMR’s handling is surprisingly good. Even though the bike looks big and bulky, it is extremely easy to push around corners. Mind you, it is no R15 either but for a bike of this size and weight it does the job very well. Yes you can’t push through corners like Rossi but the turn in is light and the ZMR feels nimble. The steering is extremely light and the raised handle bars ensure a very comfortable operation for the rider. We did face some issues with the fairing, which used to occasionally lose a screw and started making weird noises.

Karizma ZMR Night Ride

A late night dash on the NDA road is enough to fall in love with the ZMR. However the headlights offer poor throw and lighting.

Karimza ZMR Long Term Report

After riding the Karizma ZMR for close to 6000 kms, I did not want to let go off it. But as they say all good things come to an end and so did my tryst with the flagship Hero bike. The ZMR’s sold built quality, refined engine performance, on-tap torque, good ride quality and nimble handling won me over. But there are too many chinks in the ZMR’s armour. The styling is a mixed bag, brakes become screechy, service is below average and then there is that neutral gear. The Karizma ZMR was a splendid bike when it was launched in 2009, since then the competition has moved ahead and the ZMR pales in comparison to newer offerings. If you are looking at a comfortable bike for cruising, the ZMR fits the bill perfectly. But if you are looking at attacking corners and high speed riding, there are much better alternatives to the ZMR today.

ZMR Long Term Report

Whats Cool

* Torquey Engine
* Fuel Efficiency
* Comfortable Saddle
* Service Costs

Whats Not So Cool

* Front and rear styling don’t match
* Braking performance below average
* Service not upto premium bike standards