Karizma ZMR Tyres

The Hero Karizma ZMR‘s narrow MRF tyres offered very poor grip and we had to change them to Michelin M45s in the first 500 kms itself. The new rubber costed Rs. 3000/- (after exchanging the old tyres). The chain guard had to be cut slightly to accommodate the slightly wider rear tyre. We continued to take it easy for the first 1000 kms and the first free service was done. There was oil change done along with the routine checks. The first service bill was Rs. 280/-. However due to the large number of Hero bikes on the road, we had to drop off the bike for a couple of days at the service center. The service center tried to justify saying that the Karizma ZMR is an advanced motorcycle and only the ZMR mechanic can service it. So if there are more than a couple of ZMRs for service in one day, you won’t get your bike on the same day, however early you drop it off.

Karizma ZMR Ownership Report

With the first service done, we filled nitrogen in the tyres (Rs. 50/- for first time and Rs. 10/- for subsequent checks), added red racing stripes on the alloy rims (Rs. 200/-) and seat cover lamination (Rs. 100/-). We rode the bike to Pune, which also included a brief stint on the Mumbai-Pune expressway. This is where the Karizma ZMR truly shines. The upright riding position is very comfortable for long rides and the engine feels very composed and relaxed. Doing 100 km/h on the old Mumbai-Pune highway was a breeze and the ZMR never felt stressed out at triple digit speeds. But once you hit 115 km/h, progress starts to slow down dramatically and one needs to crouch to hit 120 km/h or thereabouts. Hitting more than that really requires good wind conditions along with a long and sloping road.

Karizma ZMR Lonavla

The next few months, the Hero Karizma ZMR was kept at Pune and at times it was unattended for weeks. This happened during winter time and thanks to the fuel injection system, the ZMR would roar to life at the first touch of the starter button. Riding in peak Pune traffic could get difficult sometimes as the heavy fairing would not make it easy to turn and zip through the crowded Pune roads. But once you get used to the ZMR, you won’t find the fairing much of a bother. The quick throttle response and light steering are a boon for riding in the city.

Karizma ZMR Rear Brake

What you would certainly find a bother is the brakes. Initially the brakes were fantastic. Stand on them and the Karimza ZMR would stop right there, without any drama. But as we piled on the kms, the brakes became weak. Even after service and a request to check the brakes, the ZMR’s rear disc would make screeching noises all the time. The service center would say it is because of dust and was totally clueless about how to rectify it. The attitude at the service center was really bad as well. There were very few people to attend to us and most of them were busy with the volumes of Splendors and Passions which came in abundance every day. At this point I thought, had this been a R15 instead of the ZMR, I would have gotten much better service. Mind you, Hero service is not bad, but if you expect to be treated specially for paying almost double the amount of a Splendor then you are mistaken. The service does not live up to what one would expect after buying a motorcycle which costs upwards of Rs. 1. lakh.

Karizma ZMR Wash

If you thought the service does not live up to expectation, there is more bad news to come. Our bikes lower cowl was hit by a stone and we wanted to replace it. The service center told us it would take atleast two months for it to come as it was not in stock. Yes, Hero MotoCorp dealers don’t stock ZMR parts so freely so incase you need any parts, you have to wait for quite some time. The cowl did arrive after around two months and costed us Rs. 2000/-. Meanwhile the seat cover lamination became useless as somebody had put in their keys to tear it. A word of advice, never go for seat cover lamination as some one or the other would just peal it off. Also never go for laminated number plates as it is made of plastic and the one on the ZMR cracked due to vibrations.

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