The Hero Splendor Pro Classic is based on the regular Splendor but the company has boosted output figures to improve the performance of this cafe racer bike. Sales have commenced across all Hero dealerships in the country.

Hero Splendor Pro Classic Price
Hero is targeting the Splendor Pro Classic at those who don’t ride with a pillion

There is an old saying that if you look fast, you better be fast. Taking a leaf out of such Chinese proverbs, Hero has boosted the output of the Splendor Pro Classic although it still won’t put the streets on fire with its modest performance. While it is sure to be faster than the regular Splendor, it isn’t a performance bike by any stretch of the imagination. The Splendor Pro Classic is powered by the same 97.2cc single-cylinder engine which was developed even before you and me were born. This air-cooled, carb motor is matched to a 4-speed gearbox.

While this sub 100cc motor produces 7.8 PS of power in the regular Splendor, it outputs 8.36 PS in the Pro Classic, at 500 RPM later (at 7500 RPM). Torque output has also seen a hike although very marginally, the Pro Classic has 8.05 Nm (at 5000 RPM) against the regular Splendor’s 8.04 Nm (at 4500 RPM). Although the Splendor Pro Classic is shorter than the Splendor Plus (in both length and height), it weighs the same 109 kgs. Thus one can expect slicker performance in the Splendor Pro Classic which is bound to find a ton of buyers in rural markets.

The Hero Splendor Pro Classic is the world’s cheapest cafe racer styled motorcycle. It is priced at Rs. 53,900/- (on-road, Delhi) making it costlier than other Splendor derivates (except the 125cc Super Splendor). Considering the Splendor is the highest selling bike in the world, the cafe racer is sure to attract buyers who want to stand away from the crowd yet want a highly proven bike whose popularity is simply unmatched. Maybe a Splendor Pro Classic with the Super Splendor’s 125cc engine will add some oomph to the mediocre performance. Till then, you can get your affordable cafe racer in either solid maroon or carbon black.

Splendor Pro Classic Cafe Racer
The Splendor Pro Classic is shorter than the regular Splendor