Hero replacing faulty ABS units and reducing coarse engine noise.

Hero Xpulse 200 Red
Hero XPulse 200 owners were complaining about ABS issues

Hero XPulse 200 owners have complained about the ABS having issues. Once the bike goes over bad roads or potholes, the ABS kicks in which makes the front brake lever hard due to which the rider can’t apply the brakes for 2-3 seconds.

This is a potential safety hazard as there is a high chance of collision if the brakes don’t get engaged in time. After some of the owners complained about it, Hero has responded and have replaced the faulty ABS units with new one.

The replaces ABS system is working fine now. While there is no official announcement about this recall, Hero MotoCorp is silently replacing the affected bikes.

Some of the owners have also complained about course engine sound in the Hero XPulse 200. The Indian bike maker is working on a reworked engine head to reduce the noise.

Now due to the ongoing lockdown in the country due to COVID-19, we believe the recall activity will be carried out once the situations gets normal across the country and service centres are back in operation.

Hero XPulse 200 ABS

– Owners complaint about XPulse 200 ABS issue
– Hero replacing faulty ABS units
– Hero also working on reducing coarse engine noise

Hero Xpulse 200
Hero is replacing the faulty ABS units

Source – Team-BHP.com