Honda Africa Twin Turbo Patent
The stock form, the NA motor makes 98 HP

If Honda equips the Africa Twin with the ‘turbo’ motor, then it should have lots more effortless power

Honda seems to be working on a ‘turbo’ variant of the Africa Twin adventure motorcycle, as revealed by a recent patent application.

The Africa Twin is immensely capable when it comes to handling the rough stuff and is a very popular machine the world over.

It comes powered by a 1083cc twin-cylinder motor that puts out a maximum of 98 HP at 7500 RPM and 103 Nm of peak torque at 6000 RPM.

However, in the pursuit of more power, for the battle of horsepower is seemingly never-ending, Honda is working on a more powerful variant of the bike by providing the engine with a twin screw compressor.

2021 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports Black Metallic
The motorcycle is sold in India in both MT and DCT variants

Mounted above the gearbox of the adventure motorcycle, the compressor, according to the Honda Africa Twin turbo patent, will enable the engine to gain more torque in the lower rev range.

This would result in the compressor working like a supercharger (already found on the Kawasaki H2 and Z H2 motorcycles), in reality.

Using 2 injectors for each cylinder, the ‘turbo’ engine would be stress-free during long-range touring, while also retaining the traction needed for off-roading duties.

Honda is also working on a smaller version of the Africa Twin with a 850cc motor, which is expected to bear the Transalp moniker when it gets unveiled at EICMA this year.