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Compact dimensions & a punchy diesel engine make city driving exciting

The boot is decently accommodating while rear-seat space is good as well. However, it’s really the ease of driving where this car truly excels. With a compact footprint, light steering and almost lag-free oil burner, driving in the city is as easy as it gets. Power delivery is linear but there is a good punch in the mid-range and I rarely have revved it close to the redline, primarily because I don’t need to and secondarily because it just goes out of breath in the top-end.

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Despite being on the lighter side, the steering provides excellent feedback

The Amaze not only handles like a dream but also feels quite stable at high speeds

If there is something to love, it’s the driving dynamics of the Amaze, it drives like a car a segment up and is well tied down to the road at all speeds. Ride quality is good but the handling is excellent, the steering offering good feel as well. The car remains glued to the road at high speeds, the brakes are strong and outside noise is well contained, the diesel engine can be heard though.

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Practicality and performance, the Amaze has it both

The Honda Amaze is easily one of the best compact sedans in the market and there is little to nit-pick other than the infotainment system of course. It’s comfortable and practical and very easy on your pocket too, without compromising on performance, that’s not an easy feat to attain. I don’t need to quote horsepower figures here but 100 horses in a compact sedan is a lot of oomph, maybe an Amaze RS is what Honda should consider.