Honda CBR250R With Black Alloy Wheels


A Honda CBR250R owner in Thailand has posted his 3 months experience with the bike. The owner has driven his CBR250R for around 7000 kms and has the following to say : –

Great fun, nimble bike, puts a smile on my face every day.

But I’m starting to feel the lack of smoothness of the single cylinder compared to that of a twin.

Low end grunt is great. Power starts at 5000rpm and cruising in 6th gear @ 6000rpm is 100kmph. This is very light cruising with zero engine strain.

I’ve seen 153kph on the clock but haven’t really gone for a speed run. Cruising at 125kph is good, pull back and it’ll shoot you up into the high 130s in no time. 5th gear redlines at around 143kph but it will bog when you slip it into 6th.

Pulling back in 4th and keeping it there until 10000rpm before doing the same in 5th will put a smile on anyone’s dial.

You’ll see 138+kph very quickly.

Is great 2-up with the missus on the back, due to the low-mid end torque. Is stable as anything at highspeeds. Really is a great, fun bike. Is light enough to fling around the twisties when out having fun.

I do notice that single cylinder though, can’t compete with a twin for smoothness. Everything else is a ninja beater for me though.


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