Honda has updated its Indian website (which has an error, stating the bike to have 250bhp) with details of the recently launched CBR250R. The company has also put up prices for the CBR250R in a drop down menu so people across the country can see the on-road prices of the bike in their city. The Honda CBR250R costs an insanely low Rs. 1.36 lakhs in Pondicherry thanks to very low taxes in the Union Territory. You can checkout the official on-road prices of the CBR250R over here. Deliveries of the bike will start from 14th April, 2011.

Honda CBR250R Std Price (On-Road, Mumbai) – Rs. 1,64,044/-

Honda CBR250R ABS Price (On-Road, Mumbai) – Rs. 1,92,359/-

Honda CBR250R Std Price (On-Road, Delhi) – Rs. 1,56,793/-

Honda CBR250R ABS Price (On-Road, Mumbai) – Rs. 1,84,062/-

Honda CBR250R Std Price (On-Road, Bangalore) – Rs. 1,67,670/-

Honda CBR250R ABS Price (On-Road, Bangalore) – 1,96,462/-