Hyundai Jazz Facelift Long Term
The Jazz ticks all the right boxes for a fun and practical premium hatchback

Honda Jazz Diesel Long Term Review

The Honda Jazz offers sedan-like comfort along with outstanding fuel economy

The car which started the premium hatchback trend in India, the Honda Jazz is one of the most practical cars in the segment and offers everything a sedan does, and more. Truly a premium hatchback as far as space and driving feel goes, the Jazz is quite an under-rated a car but how is it to live with?

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The Jazz still looks modern and upmarket

The Honda Jazz got a facelift not too long ago (exactly one year back to be precise) but nothing really changed. However, the car doesn’t look dated at all and still looks quite well balanced, although it does have a mini MPV appearance. The few cosmetic changes that have been done to the car with the facelift, just go unnoticed. It’s not a car which attracts attention but the design has the traditional Honda elements, it’s unmistakably a Jazz!