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Feature-loaded interiors with great space are strengths of the Jazz

I like the fact that the passive entry works flawlessly, without having to press any button to unlock the car. The new infotainment system is a fresh lease of life, yes it’s a big deal as I wasn’t happy with the old unit. The new one though gets Apple CarPlay which is a boon. The other great thing about the Jazz are the seats, there are comfy while there is plenty of space on offer, making one believe this isn’t a hatchback at all. And it’s just not the interior space but even the boot which is quite generous.

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Lagless motor makes driving in the city a breeze

The diesel engine is extremely fuel-efficient and offers good drivability

Our Honda Jazz long-termer is powered by the 1.5-litre diesel engine which I really like for two reasons – city drivability and fuel economy. The turbo motor doesn’t have low-end lag, making it apt for daily drive duties although it doesn’t rev much in the top-end and does get vocal. There is a good amount of performance on offer from the 100 BHP motor but it’s linear. Fuel economy is the talking point here, we have been getting a mileage of 18 km/l which is very frugal indeed.

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The steering offers exceptional feel and feedback

Being a Honda, the suspension is on the stiffer side but still, the balance is great between ride and handling as the damping is firm enough to offer good compliance over bad roads. That said, sharp bumps do filter through. Body roll is well contained but it’s really the steering wheel which is a true delight as it offers good feel and feedback, weighing up quite well at higher speeds.