A Honda Navi owner has modified his bike to look like a KTM Duke 200 and is selling it for Rs. 70,000/-.

Modified Honda Navi Side
The Honda Navi Modified has a lot of KTM Duke parts on it

A quick look at this scooter (wait a minute, should we be referring this as a scooter or a motorcycle? Now that’s some dilemma we have here!) and one would mistake it for a KTM Duke 200, but only after a detailed stare, can one tell that this a Honda Navi modified to look like a KTM Duke.

This modified scooter was posted in an online classifieds portal by a person from Hubli, Karnataka. Changes evident on the scooter are the Duke’s headlamps, fuel-tank, mud-guard being integrated onto the scooter. The single seat has been traded for a split-seat setup. Also noticeable is the altered exhaust.

The Honda Navi is a fun motorcycle and powering it is a 109cc 4-stroke petrol motor that comes coupled to an automatic gearbox. The Navi’s engine is capable of producing 7.8 HP of power and 8.96 Nm of torque. The Navi was a product developed by the local R&D of Honda here in India, though the scooter was well marketed, it didn’t quite manage to do good numbers. The Navi sold 1180 units in February 2017 and just 503 units in March 2017.

Honda Navi Modified

– The Honda Navi has been modified to look like a KTM Duke
– The scooter has got Duke’s headlamps, fuel-tank and mud-guard
– The Navi has been a slow-seller and has sold just 503 units in March 2017

Modified Honda Navi Front
This scooter can be easily mistaken for a Duke, especially in the dark

Images Source – OLX.in