After revealing the refreshed version of the two bikes, the CBR150R and CBR250R at the RevFest a couple of months back, Honda has finally revealed the prices of both the motorcycles.

2015 Honda CBR150R New Colours
The Jazzy Blue Metallic colour looks good on the Honda CBR150R

It has become very common nowadays to hear about refreshed models or facelifts, being unveiled by different automobile manufacturers every single year. These facelifts sometimes bring a big smile on the faces of the interested customers and sometimes are an utter disappointment as well. Adding to the context, Honda had unveiled the India specific revised CBR150R and CBR250R during their ‘RevFest’ that was conducted on the 4th of August this year.

As far as updating is concerned, there were a lot hope from the company when it came to improving their two flagship locally manufactured motorbikes in India, the CBR150R and CBR250R. Unlike the internationally updated models that got dual headlamps and a tweaked engine for more power, both the bikes received neither mechanical nor cosmetic changes. This was a real setback for all the Honda fans in India. The only changes in both the bikes were redesigned graphics and new paint schemes.

Now coming straight to the prices, the 2015 Honda CBR150R is priced at Rs. 1,41,949/- with three colour options of Jazzy Blue Metallic, Sports Red and Candy Palm Green. Whereas the 2015 Honda CBR250R is priced at Rs. 1,83,991/- for the Standard variant (non-ABS) and Rs. 2,16,865/- for the ABS version (all prices on-road, Mumbai). The CBR250R is available in three colour options of Black, Pearl Amazing White and Sports Red as well.

Finally to conclude, the crux of the topic apart from the disclosure of the prices of the CBR150R and CBR250R is also the fact that, hosting a grand launch event and spending millions on it to make it stand out can prove to be a sheer waste. Automobile manufacturers should use that money in research and development in order to make their models even better and understanding the needs of the consumers which would further enhance the brand image while also helping them achieve economies of scale.

2015 Honda CBR250R New Graphics
The fast graphics on the CBR250R does little to hide the dated design