2014 Honda Fireblade UrbanTiger

Honda is known for doing excellent paint jobs on their CBR series of motorcycles. The HRC looks smashing on any CBR and the Repsol is in another league all together. Repsol turns on any biker and the way Honda does it, it just sends shimmers down the spine and goosebumps are complimentary. The red and black combo seen on CBRs have a charm of their own. However, older riders remember there was a paint job that was done in the 1990’s which is even more unique than any other colour we just mentioned. The Urban Tiger edition.

In 1994, the CBR Fireblade was also the called the CBR900RR which is now called the CBR1000RR. This particular model is still praised for its styling and how it is still valid in the technologically advanced world of electronics. The CBR900RR had around 100-110 BHP from its 893cc engine. The Urban Tiger edition back then was a decal job and it still is. The CBR1000RR this time though, gets an Akrapovic exhaust as standard and carries a minimum amount premium over the sticker price. The bike was showcased in the UK last week. Honda is making this livery available on all models because of the fame it garners among enthusiasts.

The CBR1000RR aka the Fireblade is powered by a 999cc engine which churns out 178 BHP of power and 112 Nm of torque. The motorcycle weighs 199 kgs and has an outstanding reputation of the most easy and user friendly litre class bike in the world. The Fireblade recently was seen coming in the SP version which had race derived suspension and ergonomics along with minor changes to the engine. Honda is constant with rolling out new variants and livery for the Fireblade, which means something new is cooking in the background or its just trying to keep up with the Europeans in its own way.

2014 Honda Fireblade UrbanTiger

2014 Honda Fireblade UrbanTiger  Livery

2014 Honda Fireblade UrbanTiger Livery

2014 Honda Fireblade UrbanTiger Color