The Bureau Of Indian Standards (BIS) has revised the weight limit of helmets from the current 1.5 kgs to 1.2 kgs.

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It’s good to see the Government working to make the helmets more comfortable but pricing them lower will be even better for the budget conscious

The helmet that you wear will have to start weighing under 1.2 kgs starting January 2019. This is a drop of 300 gms from the current weight limit of 1.5 kgs. There will also have to be proper ventilation inside the helmet. The standards are already in place and work has begun to implement them.

The revisions have been done in view of a survey conducted by the officials. It was reported that maximum number of riders said that they don’t wear a helmet because of the considerable weight and improper ventilation. Hence, the BIS has decided to revise the weight as well as include mandatory ventilation provisions for comfortable wearing of helmets.

The process of bringing manufacturing of all motorcycle helmets under the new regime to get BIS certification has already been initiated by the Road Transport Ministry. All new helmets will also have to specify that they are meant only for 2-wheeler use. Every manufacturer that sells helmets in India will have to comply with the new amendments and sale of non-standard helmets will become an offence.

In 2017 alone, over 15,000 people died in road accidents because they weren’t wearing helmets. While this is a considerable number already, Road Safety Experts consider this to be under-reported.

The Panel of Experts who have revised the helmet norms have given six months to all helmet manufacturers to comply. Failure to do so can lead to a fine and even suspension of the manufacturer’s production license.

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– The maximum helmet weight has been capped to 1.2 kgs from the earlier 1.5 kgs
– Proper ventilation provisions too have been added and will have to be included from 2019
– The decision has been taken to ensure that more people start wearing helmets
– Over 15,000 riders died in 2-wheeler accidents in 2017

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The Government wants more people to wear a helmet and we at MotorBeam think the same way