2012 Bajaj Pulsar 200

Nothing is more exciting than the thought of all new Bajaj Pulsar motorcycles. With the next iteration of the Pulsars being spotted a couple of times, many people started to wonder what direction will the styling of the Pulsar series take? Some feel that the new model will be an evolution of the old one, while others firmly believe that the Pulsar will borrow heavily from KTM’s drawing board. Either way, we are of the opinion that beauty should be skin deep and the 2012 Pulsars are going to be all new from ground up. Bajaj Auto is expected to give the Pulsars a huge leap in terms of mechanicals and reliability and this will set the benchmark in the motorcycle industry yet again.

Obviously all the images featured here have very little relevance to the new model. There are some chances of styling to be similar to the models featured here. So given a chance to choose the appearance of the new Pulsar, which one would you go with? and why?

New Pulsar 220