Hyundai Click To Buy
Click To Buy records 20,000 registrations and 1900 bookings

Hyundai Click To Buy records 1.5 million visitors since its launch in March this year. The manufacturer also saw over 20,000 registrations and 1900 bookings in the same period.

The carmaker launched the initiative four months ago when COVID-19 began spreading in the country. It was when restrictions were also imposed.

To book a vehicle on Click To Buy, first select your car, colour, review the selection and receive Hyundai’s quotation. Then, choose the financing options that best suit your needs and finalise the order.

Hyundai says it will continue to provide smart mobility solutions for a convenient online car purchase experience with the digital sales initiative.

The second largest automaker in India claims that 70 percent of consumers are now looking for contactless buying experience – an effect created by the pandemic.

The digital initiative earlier was planned by Hyundai to gradually shift vehicle retail to the online medium. The crisis created by COVID-19 means the situation turned within a blink of an eye.

Manufacturers had long been toying with the idea of retailing vehicles online. Virtual showrooms, online configurator and various other services preceded it.

With customers preferring to purchase items online, Hyundai’s Click To Buy has recorded 1900 bookings. More manufacturers have followed suit to catch up on the trend and some are readying their digital platforms to launch soon.

Hyundai Click To Buy

  • The digital platform records 1.5 million visitors
  • Over 20,000 registrations and 1900 bookings were made
  • Hyundai to continue to provide smart solutions for online car retail
Any Hyundai car can be booked online using Click To Buy