Hyundai Elite i20 Facelift Long Term
Easy to drive and punchy performance makes the i20 perfect for daily driving

Hyundai Elite i20 Facelift Long Term Review

A good package of power, efficiency, space and features make the i20 a great car for daily use

Exhausted! That’s my situation right now as there has been a lot of travel of late, continuous events, launches, shoots, etc. have made me very tired indeed. Of course, it helps that my daily driver currently is the Hyundai Elite i20 as I seem to have little to no energy to drive and park with long hours in the office and even longer in front of my desk at home.

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The refined and punchy engine is perfect for city usage

When the facelifted i20 arrived at MotorBeam HQ for its long term stint, my colleague was quick to grab the keys, she has a soft corner for the i20 because there is one in her family (the pre-facelift Sportz petrol variant). Ours is the diesel because the oil burner is just better than the gasoline in terms of performance and efficiency. The engine is very refined too and is punchy at lower revs, making it easy to drive this hatchback in stop-go traffic.

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The facelift has also led to an increase in the fuel efficiency of the i20

When I am driving, the MID reads 14 km/l, when my colleague takes to the wheel, it goes up to 16 km/l, this is of course in the city with 100% AC. A little heavy right foot could be blamed for my higher consumption driving but that’s mainly because I like redlining the motor, progress might be less in the top-end but the sound and the 5000 RPM redline sure motivate me to hold onto a gear for longer.